How do i create a new taxon?

Example: Epilachna Azurea, i could not find him, and then, @wiligonzales simply… created E. Azurea, so, is there any way to create a taxon? Example: Dromaeosaurus Albertensis, he is not created.

The site curators will automatically set as inactive which removes from view any extinct taxa added. The site is not a reference database for dinosaurs and extinct life.

Taxa should be added to support adding observations, or checklists.

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Well, I know there was a pushback against extinct taxa, you can add any taxon find in sources iNat is using for taxonomy, you type name as an I’d and then click on search, if it’s not there curators can add it, plus check GBIF for synonyms.

Is in fact already in the database

As with all extinct taxa, it is inactive and hidden because their inclusion does not meet a site requirement.


Ok, did not know.

The site requirement is what I mentioned in my first reply, supporting doing an observation.

Not everyone defines observation quite the same way. Some people can come across a fossil in the field and think of that as an observation. We allow observations of dead organisms, and technically, a fossil is that.

I understand that, if you have an observation to make, requesting something extinct be added is fine. Randomly asking for something cool among the 500k taxa at Fossilworks be added because iNat really needs those cool extinct crocodiles or whatever is not in scope for the site.

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