How do I filter for a given year in a collection project that has no date restrictions?

I’m possibly missing/not seeing something. The project in question is the way it is on purpose, but I’d like to view its observations and species by year also. How can I do this? I don’t necessarily need another project at this point.

Would this help you?


Accessible in any search, whether in a project or not.

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Yes, I was trying to find that, or the Export query but I just did. Had to go to a different page in there to see that option.

Actually, is there a way to filter it on the site instead of downloading a csv? And is there a way to get a species count?

you can set the date range in any query, and then copy the date range part of the url so that you can add it to the url of the project view of the observations. If you do it with the species tab open, I think it will give you the species count for the date range too… if you give a link to the project and the date range, I can set up the url for you to use and also check to make sure I am right!


I tried a few things, but I couldn’t get it to work. It’s this one:

and I wanted to see each year at a time, so, e.g. 1/1/2019-8/13/2019 in this case.

It strips it out if you just try to add it to the URL at the project page.

EDIT: There is a search tab on the project page(circled in red), it will send you to the observation page with the project name already entered into the URL. You can then use filters box to access the date range section.

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Clay is right, you need the observation view… first click observations, and then click search, which will take you to the observation search page. From there, click Filters which will bring up a popup and in that you can add the date range. Click Update to have the filter box move out the way, and then you can click on the species tab to only show the species for the range.

obs view

species view


Thanks to all.

I see in the Species view that it doesn’t use photos from that location, so if it’s at genus level, it could be a photo of something that doesn’t occur there (?). On the other hand, if it were able to use our photos, some are better than others.
This does make it easier to get what I wanted to find out though, originally.

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Yeah, it would be really useful to be able to toggle between taxa and observation photos in that view. Of course, if there are 3 observations, which one does it use the photo of? If I get time, I might just make a feature request for that!

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