How do I include a hard copy list on a iNaturalist project?

I am a new admin. for the Auburn State Recreation Area collection project and have a hard copy plant list compiled by local botanists. I would like anyone who is interested in this project to be able to access this list. I created a list with Tile ASRA , then tried to batch add by uploading a taxonomic CSV of Liliaceae, which showed three species from the (Place) Auburn State Recreation Area.
I got this message- 504 Gateway Time-out. Can you help me please?

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Did you ever get this one figured out? I find adding a list of names to a list just as plaintext is sometimes easier.

I know she made a list using Lists under her username, and said that worked, and said I could go ahead and delete my part of this. That was before Easter. I haven’t talked to her since. I’m just responding because I don’t know whether or not she would be checking the forum any more.