How do I search for lost IDs?

Is there a way to search for observations that I have given an ID for, but which haven’t wound up in that taxon. For example, I’ve identified 3 observations as P. salebrosa, but only 2 observations are in that taxon. So there’s a 3rd observation that’s probably stuck at family-level or order-level. How do I find those “lost” observations?

If it is for a specific taxon that you know about, this will list all your id’s of that taxon:

Just replace the taxon id as relevant. The first column lists the current community ID, the 2nd your ID.

thanks. is there an interface for making this search, or do I have to just manually enter the taxon into the url?

none I am aware of.

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In addition, if you want to search for observations where anyone, not just yourself, has suggested a given ID, including obs where the IDs are in disagreement, you can use the URL parameter “ident_taxon_id=123456” on the Explore and Identify pages.


If you’re interested in upvoting it, there’s a feature request to make identifications more easily searchable here:


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