Trying to find observations that I misidentified

Here’s an observation that I gave an ID for, which is probably incorrect.

I’d like to find other instances of this so that I can correct them. I used these URLs to find observations of this taxon for which I gave an ID. However, none of them are returning this observation or the others like it (there are several): (searching for the old species ID–the one I gave) (searching for the new species ID) (searching for the subfamily)


Do you know why it doesn’t show them in grid view?

Why it doesn’t show in the links you gave earlier? taxon_id on /observations pages filters by the community ID, which for the observation you linked is currently subfamily Glaphyriinae rather than Glaphyria sesquistrialis because of the new ID suggestions. On the /identifications page I linked to, however, taxon_id filters by the individual identification.

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