How do you guys use the journal feature on inat?

Exactly as the title says, I’m curious on different ways I could utilize it

hi @rosebones - check out the discussion at these topics:


It depends of what you have in mind, after all, is a space of free speech! just write what you have to say, and use it wisely :)

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I would privately keep notes about places we visited for birding: access, parking, bathrooms, nuisance bugs, how productive it was.

After joining iNat - we branched out into viewing more than birds and we decided to try to visit new places - especially lesser known places like state natural and scientific areas. Sometimes there is very little info about these places so I decided to expand my own personal notes into something that might prove useful to others. I don’t think many (any?) people read them, but I find the research and notes
personally helpful and I am always keen to try to make available any info I had to ‘work’ at accumulating with others.

I neglected a few places we visited this summer that I might try to write up over winter.

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I use it to try to keep my references for identifying plants straight. I make an entry for whatever species or genus I’m trying to learn at the time, and then write notes and copy/paste web links into it so I can reference them when I’m making identifications.

But as diegoalmendras says, it’s up to you! Just be aware it is not private.


I’ve used mine for a number of things - telling stories about people I worked with, and as a visual reference for some moth identifications. The latter have been made into a Wiki, but they all link back to my journal.

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I have used it for writing about all kinds of things. I do try to make the entries readable and interesting because I have quite a lot of followers, and I think that some of them read at least a few of my journal posts. People who leave comments at the bottom of a journal post have at least looked at the entry they are commenting on.

Feel free to check out some or all of my journal entries here:

: )

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