How do you put audio/video into iNat observations?

I found a woodcock for the first time today, and recorded several minutes of its call. As far as I can tell, iNat doesn’t accept .mp4 files. How would you add these files to iNat?

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Looks like it’s WAV or MP3 files only.


you can upload GIFs but keep them small/short… and ideally not as the first file for the observation. If there are lots of GIFs in a search result (or Identify page), the page takes ages to load…

Moving images are much more difficult to ID than still images for many cases. We see this problem a lot in Facebook’s identification pages.
As for the conversion, you can download a free sound editing program (Audacity is the best open source program) or if you only have to do a couple, there are websites that allow you to upload your mp4 and they will convert them to mp3 which you then download. I’m not sure how reputable they all are, but I’ve used one in the past with no problem (don’t remember which?).

I was searching for how to do this, since I am new to iNaturalist. I made a gif from the video on Imgur and put a link to it in a comment on my observation in case anyone wanted to view it, since I didn’t see a way to upload a video/gif directly.

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You can add gifs just like any other images. I do it all the time. Just save the gif to your computer after you make it on imgur and then upload it.

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