Uploading video

How could I upload video from my computer and cellphone to my observations here in iNat?

Uploading GIFs are possible, i have seen a few observations with them, but not videos.


see https://forum.inaturalist.org/search?q=video%20observations


They need to be GIFs.

On the computer I use online options to convert to GIF, e.g. :

On my iPhone I use GIF toaster :


You can’t upload video directly to iNat except in the form of gifs. However, you can work around this issue by using a still from the video as the observation photo, then uploading the full video to another platform (such as YouTube) and linking to it in the description. If the main focus of the video is sound (such as bird or frog calls) you can use a conversion app or website to convert the file to MP3 or another acceptable audio-only file type, which can be uploaded to the observation in lieu of a photo.

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it really is best to link to actual video stored elsewhere. animated GIFs are not guaranteed to be supported now (as in the Android app) or in the future.


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