How does a citizen scientist with no formal training in botany get to publish 18 new plant species?

Meet David Skinner (@selvadero), co-author in a major taxonomic study on Costaceae.

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great article. Is selvadora the correct iNat username for David? I can’t find a user under that name

ah found him, @selvadero!


Fascinating article!

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Great example of an citizen expert contributing to the scientific knowledge base.

For the past 50 years (or is it 100 years?) field research- sometimes tromping around looking for “stuff”- has dropped off. Professionals are rarely funded for this anymore. It’s critical that citizen scientists step in and take up this task; and with iNaturalist, there are now millions of field researchers. The number of casual (accidental) observations by non-experts that have been useful in my research counts, at least, in the dozens.


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