How does it feels like to be a top identifier?

I feel absolutely neutral about whatever I’m the top identifier for. It does get annoying when you’re tagged without even a “hello” over and over, especially for a genus or higher taxon level that’s found all over the world. This isn’t anything iNaturalist could easily change- I just wish people were more attentive and then polite about it.


I agree, but it’s all relative - my experience of iNat is that it’s by far one of the politest spaces on the Internet. Long may it stay that way.


Incidentally, what is the meaning of the #2/0/0 at the end of that URL?

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I don’t know, but fiddling with it provides some clues:
(1) If you delete it and reload, it comes back (so it must be some sort of default value)
(2) If you change the numbers and reload, sometimes they revert back to 2/0/0 (e.g. 2/0/5 or 3/0/0), sometimes they stick at the new values but the map is (apparently) unchanged (e.g. 2/4/5), and sometimes they stick at the new values but the zoom level and/or position of the map is changed (e.g. 3/4/5, 3/4/80)

It seems like the first number controls/reflects the zoom level, the second number controls/reflects the vertical positioning (or perhaps latitude), and the third number controls/reflects the horizontal positioning (or perhaps longitude). I don’t know the scales/units though, or why some combinations end up reverting to 2/0/0.

I also tried knocking it off, and it bounced back. Jeremy doesn’t remember where he found / who built the URL. @pisum is good at explaining?

It depends on what you mean by “top”. I tend to swim in the unknown pool mostly. Not sure typing spider, beetles, perching birds etc. makes you a top anything. I do enjoy bringing the unknowns out of the darkness.


Generally it means reach the top area of identifiers list but it furtherly should means that you are one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and reliable persons in specific group.

in this case, those numbers reflect Z/Y/X, where Z is the zoom level, Y is the center point latitude, and X is the center point longitude. it looks like if you set Y=0 or exclude the Z/Y/X values, the page will default to 2/0/0, which on a window that displays 1000px x 1000px or more, is effectively a whole-world view, centered on lat 0 / long 0.


Chapeau - bravo Pisum!

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Paradigm of a good addiction


These days, a better chunk of my time goes to INat & Forum. Had enough of the insanity on Twitter and Instagram.


It’s not say I can’t quit. I certainly can delete my account and quit iNat forever right now. Don’t want to be a person without self-value is the main problem. I can find it here, why do I quit?

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I don’t think that dotun was really saying it is an addiction. He was being funny.

I don’t know much about life in China, why iNat would be the only good thing about your life; but if that is so, then by all means stay.


Nobody asked you to delete your profile, take some time to do other things, it shouldn’t be a burden.

It’s just about myself. Among so many dissatisfactions and disappointments in my career, iNat is one of only a few things which makes me self-value.
Students compete in certain rule, thing out of the rule is hard to be measured.


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