How to tell which taxa I am the top identifier of

Is there any way to tell how many taxa, and which ones, you are the top identifier of? I know that I’m the top identifier for a few species, because I can see it when I look at an observation of that species, in the bottom right of the page, but now it has me wondering which others I might be the top identifier for, if only for bragging rights. It could also be useful to know as it makes it more likely that people will tag me for help identifiying that species.


see the discussion at:

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Since iNat’s leaderboard is a blunt quantity measure, not quality - I am wary of finding myself on leaderboards. I do a lot of identifying = quantity, but I value IDs from people who can explain why it’s this, not that. My (informed) agreement is counted as equal to their ID but it’s not.

When I have put in a tentative ID from the placeholder, flagged for missing species, or CV could be right … I will go back when more IDs have rolled in, and withdraw mine. Don’t want to be on a leaderboard for tagging, where I can’t explain why it is that.


Actually you should not care about this, obsession with quantity of IDs leads to unhealthy situations when one expert cannot overvalue numerous wrong IDs and locality with wrong ID goes to GBIF, like here for example: [link removed by moderator]


it may be worth noting that there is a community-created page that has optional functionality to let you know whether you are the top observer of taxa:

i don’t necessarily endorse its use since i think the general process required to get this data is super inefficient (see the discussion referenced in my earlier post), but some folks might appreciate it.

I would not say one “should not” care about this. It’s one more interesting thing, one I’d be mildly curious about for myself, too.

Although I participate in iNaturalist in order to build up a large database for research, and secondarily to help people identify plants, I have nothing against people playing it as a game, though I hope they develop relevant skills as they go.

Of course, being obsessed with iNaturalist as a contest, or “agreeing” with lots of ID’s just to get to the top of the leaderboard (without doing the work to learn the species) will have bad effects for the identifier and ultimately be unsatisfying, since someone else can run up the same leaderboard and displace the former leader.


Why link to the observation was removed? What have I violated?

We are not allowed to link to observations (unless it is your own)


Why? Where is it stated? I believe there was a widely discussed situation with wrong ID of a beaver or something with dozens of IDs. What is the difference? And I’ve posted someone else’s observations earlier and it was not moderated.

It makes such situations even much worse when there is even no way to post a link to the observations with numerous wrong IDs. It looks like iNat supporting stuff when people posting a selfie and placing animal IDs with bunch of friends. I hope GBIF will eventually remove all iNat observations.

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@tiwane please

Hi @igor117, our forum guidelines state:

Don’t post specific examples of negative iNaturalist behavior. The Forum isn’t for calling out specific users.

The link was removed as you were calling out specific users for behavior you perceived to be negative or wrong. If you or others have further feedback or questions about this decision, you can contact all forum moderators (and staff) by sending a direct message to @forum_moderators.


I used to do the speed ID’ing when I started Inat, but I stopped soon after. If someone was to identify every Harris’ Hawk photo on Inat I would get 3750 notifications!


For that one you can also send the link to help@inaturalist
If you feel the wrong IDs are deliberate and malicious.
Otherwise we tag in people to help us override the wrong IDs.


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