How does Places of interest gets filled

How does Places of interest gets filled ?
When do you get to see this which is Tottally useless

And how do you get this…? How can you get this ? Which setting populate it to something usefull ? I should expect something like
and years ago it was a proposal

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If you think there is a bug, please fill out all the sections of the bug report. If you are just asking a question, this should go in the general category.

I don’t understand what you think should be displayed compared to what is actually displayed.


Not sure exactly how they get picked, but if you zoom in it only shows the ones in the extent you’re viewing, even if you don’t have a bounding box.

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They come from a call to the places/nearby API endpoint.

I believe the standard places are sorted first by admin level, then by distance.
The community places are sorted by bounding box size.

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I get places al arouind the world why another user just get places in the netherlands. How does this work ? Do i have to zoom in all the time ?
It should be fileld with usefull places

When is this setting used ? Never ???

As Thomas said, it shows places based on the current extent of your map. If you want places in the Netherlands, you should zoom in to the Netherlands. If you put the Netherlands as your default search place in your account settings, you will always start zoomed in to the Netherlands.


I think “useful” is fairly subjective, and iNat intentionally doesn’t put a lot of restrictions on what kinds of places can be added by members of the community. If you have concrete suggestions for how you think places of interest can be improved (e.g. it should only include places that are fully contained within the current map bounds), you can add to the Explore brainstorm here.

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But what exactly “popular” mean? Number of observations?

What “popular” are you referring to?

Sorry, “of interest”, as how interest is measured?

Any place can be in the list. It has to be in the current map extent, then the list is sorted by admin level, distance, and size, as I said above. I don’t think “of interest” actually means anything here, it could just say nearby places.

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Netherlands IS default search area, but it does nothing with it. But i am aways surprised it uses world as default. Other applications and websites guess where you are. It is also not possible to choose a default zoom level as “Current or actual place”


I have for ages, it is never used


Places where i am, have been or go to. The rest is not of interest.
But most usefull whould be “Where i am” as other apps also do. Or if you can prefill the place with “favourites”.
But for other people the get a local list related to the “Default Search Place”

If this is true, please file a bug report including all of the necessary details to reproduce. I can’t reproduce using Chrome on Windows – with the Netherlands as my default search place, Explore shows me this:

If you would like to request a feature to pan/zoom to where you are now, or to change how places of interest are defined, please add to the Explore brainstorm.

I understood from others that it indeed works that way

I never understood the focus on language, but i change language to DUTCH, it seems to work atleast better. ORIGINAL SETTING

But if i put everthing in Dutch…
At least it works better now…

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