Location that you use often for observations and you don't want to keep having to type in the location name repeatedly,

Is it possible to restrict your default search area ? Now it is always the whole world which if very oft far to much as i do not travell at all and my own country would be enough

Is it possible to fill these fields by areas, places i use my self closer to home ?

And how can i use these setting as it nearly never shows up, never is effective ?

Somewhere I read this part but i can not find this tip and the solution anywhere anymore:
Quote “…So, just an FYI: if you have a location that you use often for observations and you don’t want to keep having to type in the location name repeatedly, there is a feature in iNat which lets you ‘pin’ that location to the top of your screen for later use.,…”


You can choose your default search place in the second tab of your account settings.


The quote you linked is talking about how when you upload observations and add a location, there is a button to the right of the coordinates that shows a little pin, and when you click that, the location selected will be readily available to use whenever uploading obs, just by clicking a button at the top of the modal.


Excellent question. These tips will save me so much time!

Here’s what I mean:

The arrow on the right points to where you’d press Pin to pin a location and the arrow on the top is where you’ll find your pinned locations and search for them.


That does not work, it still uses the whole world and that has been since a long time. If i clcik on a link someties it restricst to teh nthertlands but that is very ver yrare…in 3-5% of the cases

Only for uploading ? I always use GPS to that is no problem. That default search does not work. How do i get the default search are activated / working ?

If you click a link it might have a location url parameter already added, canceling out yours. Try just clicking explore and see what location is selected.

Always world. In a link it will be ntherlands but i hardly do links.

I hope it is okay to post a related query here. I want my specific location, “ecovillage ithaca”, which I added according to the iNaturlist instructions, to auto fill for myself or any other iNaturalist user who goes to “Explore” and begins to type “eco” in the location field. We are Ecovillage Ithaca. If I type in “eco” it auto fills in a list of suggestions of ecovillages around the world, but I have to type in the full ecovillage ithaca for it to go to our community.

I think that’s just an issue of there being too many places with similar names. I don’t think there’s a solution. Your place is still searchable, it’s just as you say – one needs to type out the whole thing.

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