How to add AOU codes

What guidelines and rules make up this system?

And can we add names directly or must we derive them from an official list?

i think these are the official codes: Standardized 4- and 6-letter Bird Species (“Alpha“) Codes ( if you’re going to call them AOU / AOS codes, i would use the ones from the official list, not just make them up.

not sure if there’s an official position on whether adding things like bird codes and plant codes in the iNaturalist taxonomy is a good thing or not, and i’m not sure if there’s a process to periodically update the AOU / AOS codes in a batch, but i don’t think there’s anything that prevents anyone from adding another code by going to the taxon page > taxonomy tab > names section, and then selecting the “add a name” option. from there, select “AOU 4-letter codes” as your lexicon (from the “other lexicons” section of the list), and add the code.

The 4 letter codes work when entering North American bird IDs, haven’t tried in other places

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eBird uses a similar structure

Eg. House Crow is HOCR

Yellow Billed Babbler is YBBA but AOU may use YBIB

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