How to add common names with External Name Providers and Wikidata?

A lot of common names are missing and I use the ‘External Name Providers’ to add it. But also in those ‘External Name Providers’ common names are missing, so my question is how to add common names from existing taxons in iNaturalist to ENP. It seems that WikiData might be a solution for that.

It’s possible to add common names on the species page…

You can add common names on the taxon page under the ‘Taxonomy’ header:

From the following page you can enter the desired common name and associate it with a language on iNaturalist:

After that you can also choose to have it associated with a particular locality in the event that there are multiple common names in the same language and only some are used in a geographic area. (Note that I believe this is only possible if you are entering the common name yourself, otherwise you can contact a curator to have them make the change for you.)

Additional information courtesy of @cmcheatle:


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