Programmatically adding missing common names

After realizing that many Italian common names of North American bird species are missing in iNat, I came across this tutorial explaining how to edit them manually.

The process is great but error prone and labor intensive at scale, and I wonder if there’s a way of populating common names from an external source programmatically. Wikidata aggregates common names from a variety of official catalogs/databases and it would be quite straightforward to populate the iNat database with the right data provenance across multiple languages if there was a way to do this in batches.

On a minor side note, the formatting of a taxon’s common name in a taxon page should respect the capitalization provided in the Names table instead of overriding it. “Quaglia Della California” is grammatically incorrect in Italian (the name is correctly captured in the Taxonomy page as “Quaglia della California”)


Look around in the forum, there are more discussions about common names, use of an ‘externa provider’ and for example this file

from this topic

You can also check feature requests about common names.

I agree you should use the correct capitalisation when you add common names because iNaturalist cannot handle all languages in a correct way.


Thanks for the pointers, @optilete. My question is not so much about common names in general, but about the possibility of adding them programmatically via the API.

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I thought your Q was if bulk import of common names is possible and that answer is yes. I do not use API for this.

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