How to cite a specific data (format)?

In other online biological data platforms and in most museum collections, the catalog numbers associated with a citation or a specimen are usually preceded by a letter or an acronym that identifies the museum or the collection. For example: NMNH 3445 (National Museum of Natural History), ML223444 (Macaulay Library), etc.

Would it be possible to include the ‘iNat’ (or other) formula before the catalog numbers of the data that appear on the iNat platform (e.g. iNat59383334)?

Please send your suggestions.


Juan Carlos Fernández-Ordóñez

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The GBIF iNaturalist institution code is “inaturalist”, not sure if that helps.

If the observation is research grade, you could (and should) download the occurrence from GBIF and cite the associated DOI, but I understand if you’re referring to one particular observation frequently that having the identifier in the text could be extremely helpful.


Thanks alexis18!

Yes, it is possible to use e.g. inaturalist383838 as identifier for an specific data in the text, but I think is too “long”… I will use iNat383838, meanwhile there is not an “official way”…

Thanks again, JC

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