How to create forum groups

How should we can we make groups like “forum moderators” for a group like project members to discuss on the forum? And can they be edited?

I’m pretty sure that only admins, ie staff, can add categories. And #forum-feedback is the right place to ask.

However, any category here should be beneficial to all users. If you want to start a group conversation between eg the admins of a specific project, try using project journal posts, or a group PM here on the forum. Alternatively there are other media you can use such as Discord.


I mean groups, like “forum moderators”, “inat staff” to tag on PMs.

That feature is only available for the iNaturalist staff.


This is in iNat, but I use textblaze to create a snippet that includes a number of tags for a group of users that I regularly tag in for spider related ID stuff… makes it easy to do quickly, but it’s less than 10, so not too bulky. One advantage is that it is easy to maintain additions and changes… a couple have changed their username recently, and so I just needed to update it once in the snippet. A downside is that you forget that they had a name change because you are not typing it in regularly anymore!

In the forum, you can add mulitple participants to a DM. That to me is probably the best way to handle the discussions on very specific topics like a project. You can make a general “announcement” about the discussion in the main forums, and invite any interested parties to DM you so that you can add them. Another possibility is the Discord forums, where there is generally more relaxed rules.