How to edit photos?

I’m a little confused, I must be missing something obvious I guess:-

It says here that the ability to alter contrast and brightness within iNaturalist was deployed?

How do we do this?

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I think this is only in the identify interface, so that if you come across a dark image while identifying you can adjust it.


haha, I didnt even realise there was an identify interface!
wow, that makes it a lot easier for identification :D super nice :D

it would be nice to have this integrated into the upload system for own observations also… I can see similar requests though, so maybe this is already under consideration


it’s already available in the Android app, though I don’t think it’s in the iOS app


ahh ok, thats maybe part of my confusion, reading the other threads.

I have used the iOS … but mainly just a desktop user.
It would be great if this was rolled out for desktop users as well I think as it could speed up workflow.


To be clear, this functionality only affects how the photo is displayed in your browser on the Identify modal, it does not edit the original file. I agree it’d be cool to have some photo editing tools on the site, but those are more complicated to implement.


ahh I see, ok, makes sense.
many thanks! :)

is this on the mega-list already then of possible long term feature additions?


Maybe? I wouldn’t make it a priority as there are plenty of fine free or inexpensive photo editing apps for one’s computer. To me, allowing one to edit photos taken within the mobile apps fills a greater need.


Yes, true, I really feel I need this when I’ve used my mobile.
And yes, can appreciate this is non-urgent for desktop.
Bigger fish to fry I’m sure.

Ok, many thanks


You can edit on mobile, though. There’s free editors that come preinstalled on both iOS and Android, as well as the in-app editor on the iNaturalist mobile app.

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