Edit images to help with IDs (e.g. brighten, lower contrast)


A few times while viewing observations to identify I’ve run into a couple of issues, often times images are too dark / contrasty to identify, but then if you download the image and lower the contrast in an editor, it’s quite obvious! and sometimes I’m not able to zoom into images enough, usually due to a strange cropping job and phone photos with the outer field of the image being large compared to the subject…

So it would be great if functions were implemented into iNat for lowering contrast while viewing an image in an observation, and possibly further zooming!


I use GIMP, it takes ages to load, and so often I don’t bother or aim to go back to it later, and often don’t. A slider in the identify image viewer to adjust contrast would be awesome. The zoom in the identifier feels buggy to me, and a “double click to step-zoom” would be cool, kinda like how the map works. Maybe even a “double click to open in an image tool” that allows such tweaking…

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