How to find out if your photo is being used on a Species page?

By pure coincidence, I discovered this weekend that one of my photos is currently being used as the main featured photo for Calico Aster (

I am incredibly flattered, but as far as I know there would have been no way for me to find this other than by complete chance.

Is there some way we can look up this information at large?


If you open your photo details, you can see if any given photo is used for any taxa. But that doesn’t help you search for which of your photos are used.


Correct, there’s not a good way to search for it. I generallly just come across my photos sometimes, am flattered someone chose it, and go on my way.


you can sort of look this up through the iNat API. you would first get a list of the taxa you’ve observed via, then get information for those taxa via https://api.inaturalist/v1/taxa/{id} (replacing {id} with a comma-separated list of taxa). that will provide information that includes the taxon photos (and photo owners), which you can parse through to look for cases where you’re the person who took the photo.

EDIT: i was thinking about it, and there’s actually an undocumented API endpoint that’s used by the dynamic life list that might be an easier way to get your list of taxa:


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