How to find some tags?

How tags works in iNaturalist? I was trying to find observations with some words or under a specific tag ut Search function does not work to find words/tags or Am I missing something important¡?
same with users, how can I find which user have a specific word in their bio?

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There is no such thing as of now. You can search for observation fields and content in comments, but that’s about it I think. I think there is a tag feature but I’ve never looked into it/have any idea how it works.

You need to click on tag to see all observations with it.

Hi, I think this should not be in the Spanish section, rather it might find its place in the general forum!

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Also here:

There is currently no way to search text in user bios.

Also you can do multiple search together by adding & between the words like this search for pink and white tags on observations:

you can search on notes under the observations like pink and white by:

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