Using the 'Tags' Field in an observation

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about how to use the ‘tags’ field in an observation.

I listed some tags on one observation. (insect, bee, wasp)

I moved to another observation I posted (which I believe may be a tick) and found the tags I had just listed for the previous observation were now populated in the current observation.

The tags which were relevant to the first observation had no connection to the second. I would assume tags should be unique to the observation not the poster?

I just wonder if I’m using the ‘tags’ field incorrectly? Maybe there’s some way to save and exit before moving to another observation that I missed?


Thanks so much!

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Hi @mmsjack, welcome to the iNat Forum!

How did you add the tags to the observation? If it was when uploading through the website, I wonder if you might have had more than one “observation card” selected on the web uploader when you added the tags?

And, while not related to your specific question (and someone else could probably explain this better than me, since I don’t use tags much), there probably isn’t a ton of need to add “taxonomic” type tags to your observations. If you want to see all your insect observations, you can do a search like this:


It would be helpful to know which interface (web, iphone, or android) and which type of page you’re looking at since there are several different ways to interact with any observation. I tried to replicate this on the web interface through “Your Observations” and didn’t see the same behavior.
As @bouteloua said, there isn’t much need for taxonomic tags. They don’t interact with the taxonomic framework so they’re kind of just a standalone piece of data. They’re useful for capturing IPTC keyword tags from meta data but using taxonomy and annotations are more relevant and searchable on iNaturalist.


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