Tags field on my observation

I did search for this in the Forums without success.

When I enter an observation and view it, there is a Tags field. What is the use of this field? I don’t mean: “What should I enter here?”. I am saying that this field doesn’t seem to have any use. If I enter something in it, I cannot save it. In the example attached in the screenshot, I added a tag in the Edit page. And, it displays under the field. So, what is the field’s purpose on the page where you can view your observation? (Am I missing something obvious?)

As long as you are doing everything correctly, this is a bug. I can certainly add tags from my observation’s page: type the tag in the field, press enter, and done. I’d try reopening the browser and trying again; if the problem persists, file a bug report.

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Your tag might not be working because of the dots in it (just a guess) – have you tried other strings? I just tagged a bunch of things and it worked for me. Here’s the link to a page that mentions tags: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/annotations “Tags can be any text string, they can only be added to your own observations and can be used to search for observations.”


I use it mainly to keep track of categories that particularly interest me. So if, for instance, I wanted to look only at my observations of trees, I could set up a search to filter for that tag.

This shouldn’t be an issue. As the page says, “tags can be any text string”. I have no issue adding the exact tag shown in the screenshot from one of my observation’s webpages.

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Thanks. I tried it a few times.

Today this works. I wonder if it was something with the browser? I am in a public library. They are installing a new login/printing system. Sometimes, things just happen.

Thanks for all the replies!!! :slightly_smiling_face: