How to fix a species that is in the wrong higher level taxon

I had identified an observation to subfamily. Another user identified it to a genus within that subfamily but it appears as a disagreement because the genus has been placed incorrectly:
In this example, genus Trigonidomimus is supposed to be in the family Gryllidae, subfamily Pentacentrinae rather than the way it’s been classified on inat:
So, if I go to genus Trigonidomimus and ‘edit taxon’ I see that I could change the parent name. Is that how this should be approached? Will changing the parent to the correct subfamily correct all the connected taxonomy (Family for example)? Is the parent always the closest available level, whether it’s a tribe or a subfamily or a family? Thanks!

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If this is correct, yes. We have a taxon framework for Orthoptera which you have already checked. Although for some reason this is set up as an alternate position. That could be intentional, or it just hasn’t been updated yet. When I’ve seen this before it’s because the ancestry recently changed on the external source and hasn’t been updated on iNat yet. But that would be something to discuss on a flag.

Yes, but make sure to check for unintended disagreements (there is a button when changing the parent) to see if any IDs may be disrupted.

If I’m understanding this correctly, also yes. The parent is always the next highest taxon.

In general, the best thing to do if you have questions is to add a flag to the taxon so the relevant specialists and/or curators can take a look.

Thanks for this! I am one of the relevant specialists so I’m trying to perform the duties of a relevant curator :)

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