How to get GPS coordinates

I have a bunch of pictures that I took on my phone camera app. It has the location in the exif data, but I don’t know how to get the location into iNaturalist app. Unfortunately, when I look at the “details” in my gallery (not iNaturalist) it often shows a very imprecise street address.
The reason I took the pictures the way I did was to save time on the trail, because listing an observation is not fast, especially when you have no phone service.
what are some possible solutions?
I have 158 pictures that are potentially going to be used in observations (possibly).

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Just import the photo in the app or in the website.
Both should be able to handle standard coordinates in EXF.
You can try and decide not to coninue in the app or the website by not saving the observation.

If you did, did the coordinates not occur automatically in the observation?

The coordinates didn’t import.
the location is blank.
I did this in the app.

I just solved my own problem.
I have to import the first picture by itself, so the app is only dealing with that location. Afterwards, I can import any additional pictures all at once. This is because even though the pictures are taken in the same place, the exact coordinates vary slightly.


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