iPhone pic to inaturalist photo

Is there a way to transfer a photo I took with my iPhone camera app to the inaturalist app site to have it identified and catalogued?

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Yes. Go to “observe” in the app,

then choose “camera roll”,

and select the photo you want to upload


Isn’t there a share option on iPhone?

Another method, because the above method does not preserve locational accuracy, is to transfer the photos to a computer (e.g. using Airdrop) and upload them to the iNaturalist site through a web browser.

Hmmm… I don’t find that. My location accuracy is fine when I choose the Photo Library (Camera Roll) with the Observe button. Or, did I misunderstand the situation?


To quickly butt in here: @deboas Is it possible you are encountering this bug which I discovered and reported a few days ago? The coordinates store in iNat from what is on the image data, but if obscured, they are currently not showing correctly to the user who owns them (in other words, if you obscure your observation, the iPhone app v. 3+ will not show you your non-obscured coordinates on the map). I now butt out.

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Yeah, I think it picks up the EXIF data for my photos too (though it’s hard to say, because I rarely use that iPhone for iNat)

Thanks! It might be because I am using an older model of iphone. I reported the bug some time ago but when I last checked it still persists, which led me to abandon the app and just use the site instead. I’m glad that it does not seem to affect others :)

@elizabeth1067 thank you! However I very rarely obscure observations, so it is not related to this.

I have an iPhone 8. I’ll have to see what it did on my latest uploads from this morning.

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