How to get KML boundaries for iNat places - wiki

  • From a place page, if you can see the “Edit place” link to the right just below the map, click on that. (It will not be available for all places.) When the next page loads, there will be a link under the map that says “Download KML”. That’s it!

  • If you don’t have permission to edit a place, you will instead need to find the id number of the place. One way is to go to the Identify search and enter the name of your place in the search box. The URL will now give you the place_id. Insert this into, e.g.

It is also possible to get a simplified geojson from the API using!/Places/get_places_id.


I feel like you read my mind. :) Thanks for making this!


Very useful. Thanks! I just used method 2 on a place, and it worked very well. However, I imagine some folks without programming experience might get squeamish balancing curly braces.

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i just realized that the link in Method 1 will reference a URL like[place-name].kml, and you can replace [place-name] with your dash-separated place name or numeric place ID, which should allow you to download a KML file even if you can’t edit the place.

A bit unrelated, do you know if there is a URL that will allow you to download kml files for the checklist places of a particular taxa? I know the taxon’s range can be downloaded using

but I have not figured out if the checklist places map can be downloaded the same way. I have tried a few URLs such as

but I haven’t had any luck. Sorry for the change of topic! You just seemed like you might know the answer!

I would actually be surprised if there is a kml used to store this data. I suspect it is dynamically built based on the data. Per the other thread it is actually the data I don’t think can be download.

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