How to get photo-based suggestions on web page?

When I upload photos on the Android app, and have the app look for suggestions for the photos, that works pretty well.

I THOUGHT that the website had the same feature (I recall using it before).

But today, I opened up one of my observations and clicked on “Suggest an identification” and for all my photos, iNaturalist says “We are not confident enough to make a recommendation.”

I checked on the Android app again, and it makes recommendations. But the web site is not.

What’s going on here? Am I looking in the wrong place?

That means that the CV is not able to find any strong matches with the photos. Android has some newer implementations that aren’t always available on the website, so that may be why it is showing up on Android. For example, you can filter suggestions to a particular taxon. There may be some more sophisticated algorithm in the works that is able to find a match, but it is only on Android. Usually web updates come next if it’s working for Android. (That’s my rough understanding—happy to be corrected by the developers and others who know more about this process…)

I’d like to know more about this. I suppose Android could be using a newer version of the API but it doesn’t make sense for this app to diverge from the iPhone app if the two are being combined (which was announced awhile back).

You give the answer yourself. If you do not open the same observation you can compare the results but it is not strange the results are not the same…

I’m just speculating because that’s usually how the updates go. When did they announce a combination? I don’t know much about software development but that seems difficult to me. There are several features on Android that aren’t on iPhone or desktop, such as restricting suggestions to specific taxa and being a beta tester.

And I had assumed the observations being compared were the same but if not that could definitely be an explanation. @tbessie were you comparing the same observations?

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