Can't compare observation photo(s) to "pretty sure" suggestions

Android version 1.27.4 (546)

  1. Add photo to observation in Android.
  2. Select Suggest ID.
  3. Select icon for the “We’re pretty sure it’s…” suggestion (there’s no compare arrows). The CV isn’t always “pretty sure” and the bug only happens when it is.
  4. Select Compare.
  5. Compare is brought up for the first top suggestion instead of the “pretty sure” suggestion.

Maybe this is technically a feature request for adding compare functionality to “pretty sure” suggestions, but the behavior is counterintuitive enough to make me think it’s a bug. I’m not sure how long it’s been happening, but I’ve only noticed it in the last few weeks.

Is the “pretty sure” a species, or is it a genus or family? I’m thinking it won’t let you compare to a genus or family as that’s too broad. (Be glad you have the Android version! The iPhone version doesn’t do comparisons at all, sadly.)

Yes I’ve been wondering that. I didn’t try to find an observation where a species was suggested as “pretty sure.” I don’t know why a supraspecific taxon couldn’t be compared because it still has associated photos, but if it couldn’t it shouldn’t have the compare button when selected.

I thought I found a work around, but nope, it’s defaulting to a species suggestion too.