How to import a place from OpenStreetMap into iNaturalist using QGIS and QuickOSM

Note: place creation is a large burden on iNaturalist, please see the warnings at

Here is one way to get a boundary definition from OpenStreetMap to iNaturalist using QGIS and QuickOSM:

  • download and install QGIS

  • in QGIS, go to Plugins->Manage and Install Plugins

  • search for and install QuickMapServices (this will let you see OSM in QGIS)

  • search for and install QuickOSM (this will let you download OSM data)

  • turn on OSM with Web->QuickMapServices->OSM->OSM Standard

  • zoom to your area of interest, in this example I’m adding Gertrude Street Park

  • you will need a key/value that will return your shape – this can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out in QGIS, so one option is to view OSM on the web and use the Query features tool

  • after clicking on the park, I follow the link for Gertrude Street Park and make a note of the tags listed on the left

  • back in QGIS bring up the search with Vector->QuickOSM->QuickOSM

  • now I can use either leisure=park or name=Gertrude Street Park as my key/value, then specify Canvas Extent as the search area, and run the query

  • right-click the new layer in the layer manager, then Export->Save Features As, then save as KML

  • go to and upload your KML file

  • be patient, the place may not be fully incorporated into iNat for a few hours


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