How to look up which observations are used on websites

I am curious if there is a filter on iNat that lets you view which of your observations are used on websites like GBIF, and if there is, where to find it?

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All observations that are:
a) Research Grade
b) have a copyright license of CC0, CC BY, or CC-BY NC
go into GBIF

So assuming all of your observations are set to one of those three licenses, then the filter is simply ticking the RG box (providing leeway for observations you’ve uploaded in the last week or two that haven’t exported yet).

If you scroll to the bottom of any your observations, you’ll see this if it’s gone to GBIF


Hi thebeachcomber, I’m also curious, which other websites, other than GBIF, do my RG/CC-BY observations have a good opportunity to be featured on?


Australian observations also go into the Atlas of Living Australia, the national version of GBIF. Possibly some of the other Network countries have something similar, but I suspect for the most part, GBIF is really the only place things are going.


Btw, there’s something with the link to New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network, it shows that there’s no website on that address:

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and also used in Wikipedia articles.
As someone kindly told me.
Thanks Santa @loopy30

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There could probably be something added which checks if the observation appears in this list - and then display “wikipedia” in that case.

Btw. I’ll use this to say a big thank you to the people who are willing to share their observations outside of inaturalist! I’ve been adding pictures (mostly from inaturalist) to wikipedia articles about rare orchids in the past weeks - but for three species no picture had a CC-0/CC-BY/CC-BY-SA license, so I asked the three observers with the best picture each if they would be willing to change the license. And all three replied within a day and agreed to change the license :open_mouth:


This is probably for the best, because there’s also a small percent misidentifications in Research Grade observations. Eventually most of those get noticed and corrected on iNat, but they may be more difficult to even notice if other sites were to use them and they weren’t synced with iNat the way GBIF is.

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I misunderstood the title at first. I thought the question was going to be about how to tell if one of your observations had been picked up by someone’s blog.

For that information you can use Google’s search by image. I check which of my blog photos are downloaded.

don’t forget that Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI) also gets interaction data from iNat.


Thanks for the answers everyone! And personally, most of my observations don’t have the license that can be used on Wikipedia, but I don’t mind changing it if someone requests.

For all intents and purposes the NZBRN is now essentially the New Zealand node of iNaturalist.


There are a few other regional things like CalFlora and Maryland Biodiversity Project in addition to ALA, GBIF, and GloBI mentioned above. I couldn’t find an CalFlora example but here’s one that is shared with GBIF and MBP.

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