How to Mark or Code Certain of My Observations for Future Reference

I would like to be able to mark/code/highlight in some way certain of my Observations so I can pull them up easily in the future. For instance: I have some Observations that are special (at least to me). Maybe they were fascinating species I want to learn more about, or are “first in state” or “first in region.” I would like to be able to pull them up in the future. I considered using Tags such as “follow up” or “first in state” or whatever, but that seems very clunky. Is it already possible to do this and I just don’t know it? :confused:

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1 option is to favorite them. Another is to create a traditional project and add them one by one.


it sounds like you could jot some notes in a journal entry, including lists of observations. you don’t have to publish the entry, if you don’t want others to see it.

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You can also use tags


If you are on Chrome bookmark to a folder. Then you can name, sort, and control to suit.
(I have dozens of bookmarks for iNat)

iNatting all the way back to prehistoric rock art!


These are all good suggestions. I think I’ll try to come up with a system of Fave and Tags that I can keep organized and use consistently. Thanks to all! Really appreciate it.

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