Create private notes on why I favorited an observation

Currently I fave observations which I want to come back to and look at in more detail at a later stage.

Would we be able to add a reason why I faved it (which only I can see) or notes to jog my memory. Did I just like the ob. or did I vote for it as an observation of the month or do I feel that I can help further with the ID if I ever have time to sit down and work through all my papers and notes. Perhaps also some sort of keyword (which only I can see) to act as a filing system?

Thank you

As I like your idea, I just tested out something.
We have a “journal” on our dashboards.
Just create a new page, copy the url of the observation you want to mark and add a little note.

I just did it with one of my favourites.

As you are in the position to add a title to your entry you could name it: check later.

Okay, it is a bit more complicated, if there is not much time… than mark the favourite itself, but it would be a way to do a list…


Thank you! I like your idea as a work around. I will try.

I have never made a journal post - are they private?

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I don’t know, as I am a Newbie…
I assumed that the journals are open readable…

We could try to find out, if we can find the journals.

  • But maybe someone with knowledge will answer.

[Edit]: I could click in some empty journals, saying the standard text, that they aren’t started, yet.
So they seem to be open.

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Not private. Those journal posts are published on iNat to be read.

But a place for private notes would be useful.