How to Post a Hybrid

I found an unusual milkweed, what I thought was A. syriaca. Dr. Richard Rintz who studies milkweeds and has written a 900 page book about the U.S. milkweeds took flowers and checked the plant out. It is evidently a syriaca/purpurescens cross.
It is blooming now and I would like to post it, but don’t know how to list a name?
It will not fruit this year as the road department eliminated all other milkweeds in the area. It is spared as I mark it every year. I do have pictures of the fruits from years ago.


hi @karengoatkeeper - welcome to the iNat forum! There is actually an option to search for and select this hybrid when you are making an ID:


Is there a way to search for all hybrids in a genus?

You can go to the iNat page for that genus and browse the list of taxa within that genus under Taxonomy.