How to Post a Hybrid

I found an unusual milkweed, what I thought was A. syriaca. Dr. Richard Rintz who studies milkweeds and has written a 900 page book about the U.S. milkweeds took flowers and checked the plant out. It is evidently a syriaca/purpurescens cross.
It is blooming now and I would like to post it, but don’t know how to list a name?
It will not fruit this year as the road department eliminated all other milkweeds in the area. It is spared as I mark it every year. I do have pictures of the fruits from years ago.


hi @karengoatkeeper - welcome to the iNat forum! There is actually an option to search for and select this hybrid when you are making an ID:


Is there a way to search for all hybrids in a genus?

You can go to the iNat page for that genus and browse the list of taxa within that genus under Taxonomy.


Thanks for the help. I guess you can tell I rarely get to the Forums. Time flies. I seem to get Observations up with seconds to spare before the computers shut down at the library. The hybrid has four fruits on it this year.

Just look for observations with several IDs that are stuck at genus. Chances are pretty good that somone bumped it back to genus and called it a “hybrid” because it doesn’t look exactly like their mental image of the species it is.

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