How to preserve without alcohol or Formaldehyde

i collected an beautiful and rare jumping spider. It was dead and in a web. So i took it and put inside a tic tac box. (Very good container, i know), but i want to preserve it like zoologists do. But i dont want to use alcohol nor Formaldehyde. Any other way i can preserve it? Maybe even donate to a center for research purposes?


You can pin spiders, but if it’s already dried out you will probably have to rehydrate it somehow. As for donating it, I would reach out to the closest museum or university and ask if they want it.


If you’re thinking of donating it to a university, I’d contact them and see if they have suggestions about how/whether to take any special steps to preserve it. They may have preferences.


You can keep it dry in a freezer, though specimens I put in the family freezer tended to get thrown out when I was not around.


I use super strong hairspray from Taft.

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