Live spider specimen prep

Hello arachno-friends! I was clearing cobwebs tonight and collecting dead insects and also put a couple live spiders in vials. One female false widow and the other is likely a male Anyphaena.

When I’ve collected live insects, I drowned them in alcohol then pinned/pointed them. Is there a better/different/proper way to treat live spiders?

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Well yes: Release them! :sweat_smile: (Sorry, I know, not the answer you’re looking for but I couldn’t resist. I do understand that spider IDs often require dissection.)

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I have dozens of false widows in the house and it’s an introduced species in North America. For the other, an adult male is perfect opportunity to confirm which species of 3-4 possibilities.

Also, they were late on rent payments.



@egordon88 couldn’t you just interview it instead? :upside_down_face:

No translators were available

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Never thought that steatodas would need a male to id, what are the species you think it can be?


Anyphaena dixiana, marginalis, or pacifica are the likely candidates

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closed on request of OP

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