How to query a geographic range without a specific user ID and observation field?

I would like to query a geographic range (a rectangle) without my own observations, but the query runs forever.

The query of the rectangle is working:

According to How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - Wiki i have added to the URL:


but then the query runs forever:

What am i doing wrong?

Try using your numeric id (1958129) instead of your username (geralda). Seems to run pretty fast for me that way.

To find your own user number, go to your profile page, and it will be in the URL. Example:

To find any other user’s number, go to their profile page, and hover over the Follow / Stop Following button at top. Their user number will be the “friend_id” in the URL. Example:


Thank you @jdmore, but this works only for the profile URL at top right.

Since this is working now:

I would like to exclude the observation field inMeidling of that query by adding to the URL:


But it does not work:

I have tried the field id instead of the name:


but this also did not work:

What am i doing wrong @jdmore?

Thank you!

Unfortunately it looks like &without_field has stopped working. See discussion from another thread starting here.

I have created a feature request.

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FYI I commented in the feature request thread - this API parameter has never been implemented. There may be a little bit of the Mandela Effect going on here. A user made a comment on a post reference the parameter, but it did not exist at that time, nor any time previously or since. We’d consider adding it though.

Unfortunately the API isn’t terribly consistent with naming around implied logical parameters as this (the nots or withouts). This is something we’d hope to change if we released a new version of the API and allow negation of any parameter if possible, in a consistent way.


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