How to rename to hybrid

What’s the correct way to rename a species to include the ‘×’ hybrid designation? The only way to seem to do it is create a new taxon with the ‘×’ and then perform a taxon swap.

PS. It also looks like iNat is using a space between the ‘×’ and species name - is this a defined standard? My state herbarium doesn’t.

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Any change to a name (unless you are the person who created the taxa) can only be done via a taxa swap.


Or by getting one of the staff to update it.

Kew’s Plants of the World Online adds the space after the hybrid symbol. Space or no space is optional, at least in the plant code, and it’d be nice to be consistent, so I’ve been keeping the space.


Yes, me too. And when I add a hybrid taxon, I also add the various permutations as non-accepted synonyms, to make sure people can always look it up correctly. So for the hybrid

Salix × sepulcralis

I would also add synonyms for
Salix x sepulcralis
Salix ×sepulcralis
Salix xsepulcralis


thanks all - I already did a swap yesterday - the species is Pterostylis toveana BTW

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