How to search observations of several (not iconic) taxa at a time? (through web interface)

I try to use the taxon_id parameter in observations searches.
In API docs “try it” option I can introduce several ids.

But I am not being able to translate this API search into a website url which returns observations:,48220,57774&order=desc&order_by=created_at

Shouldn’t this work for searching observations of either red/brown/green algae in Ireland, using the web interface? The following is failing:,48220,57774&order=desc&order_by=created_at


in the Explore page i believe you need to use taxon_ids for multiple taxa. don’t ask me why this inconsistency exists. there are other minor inconsistencies between API and Explore related to the default behavior of verifiable, spam, etc.

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Thanks a lot @pisum !!

I am trying to learn this stuff as well. Is this what you mean? I entered &taxon_id= for each taxa and removed the commas.

Thanks @edLike but that is not working as I want.
I want to see all observations which belong to ANY of the 3 provided taxa.
Your link is only providing the 81 observations for the first one.
You can check that by removing the 2nd and 3rd taxon_id, like this:
(which is also returning the same 81 observations).

But if you try it what @pisum suggested (taxon_ids=1,2 instead of taxon_id=1&taxon_id=2), it works like a charm:,48220,57774&order=desc&order_by=created_at
579 observations are returned:

if you’re trying to learn how to do some advanced querying of the Explore page in the website, you may want to read: and


Thank you! I will put that info to good use.

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