How to sort photos by date taken when uploading with Windows 11?

When I’m uploading photos, my file explorer doesn’t seem to give me an option to sort them by date taken. I usually end up with my photos in random orders, where I have to spend a lot of time combining everything into the right observations.
I’m using Windows 11 and I think that Windows 10 did give me the option to sort by date. Does anyone know how to sort the photos in Windows 11?

In file explorer, on the view tab, select Details.
On the header row in file explorer, right click one of the headings (e.g., Date, Type) and you will see a drop down list where you can select Date Taken. You can then click and hold on one of the headers and slide it to where you want it displayed.


Thank you! My file explorer looks a lot different, but it still works! Thanks for the help.

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