Sort by date or file name during upload

Hi all,
I would love if it is possible to sort photos during upload by date (or ideally switch between date/file name). Atthe moment when yopu drag and drop they are sorted chronologically. I often hav photos from mobile and camera and when editing photos while uploading more photos it is not convinient, would be much easier if photos are sorted chronologically.

In order to keep them in chronological order, I order them on my desktop first (I use a Mac) then I click on the Choose Files button on the uploader page and select the photos. They should appear in the order in which they’re listed on the desktop.

Isn’t there another similar request already? I commented on the other one that I am very specific about the order I add photos to illustrate the observation. I suppose an option to sort them might be useful sometimes.

There’s this one:, but it refers to automatically grouping related photos into observations, not just sorting them.

On PC:
have them sorted in filemanager, select them all, drag them to the uploader page (you can alt-tab while dragging to show the uploader page). Let’s say there are 10 observations of 4 photos each. Typically each observation would have had it’s photos taken in succession, so in the uploader they should all be next to each other, assuming date order in filemanager. For the first observation, pick which is the first photo, and then drag the 2nd photo onto the first, then drag the third photo onto it, and so on in the order you want them to be. Then do the same for obs#2-10. Put IDs, descriptions and fields etc once each observation is grouped, or wait until all the grouping is done.

Thank you all, what you suggest is also an option, but I would have to create a temporary folder, than locate folde rone, copy files from folder one, locate folder two, copy from folder two, import and then delete the folder, a lot of unnecessary extra steps and in case you move instead of copy you might even loose the phoptos. I can live without it but it would be very usefull, at least for me and implementing should be very easy.

You should be able to sort photos in place in the same folder.

I would like this feature because I sometimes add additional photos to the upload page and they load at the end of the list. I am then unable to drag the additional photo up to combine it with the earlier observation.

And sometimes e.g. in the screenshot above, my photos are sorted by file name rather than date. And if I just happen to have forgotten to sort them by date first…frustrating to have to restart the process.

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I’ve had that same problem! I got around it by drag and drop into the observation once the batch has been uploaded…

When i upload, the photos come in in the same order as in the original folder (always in chron order by date taken), except that the last pic in the folder appears as the first pic in the Upload area. I haven’t tested to see if sorting by other fields is maintained during upload.


When you select you click on the first, hold shift, and click on the last. If you then drag the last to pick up the set, it will drop the last first, if that makes. Instead, click the first, hold shift, click the last, let go shift, then click and hold the first and drag the set… Then it will be the first that drops first. Alternatively, you could click the last, hold shift, click and drag the first…

It is the one that you click and drag that always drops first. If you have 5 files, click #1, shift click #5, then click and drag #2 it will be #2 that drops first. Thereore, click and drag the photo you want as the main (first) photo


You can use command click (on a mac, at least) to select the cards and then click Combine at the top to combine them.

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