How to tell if a skink is a male or a female

Hello everyone!!
So if you are wondering if the skink you just caught is a male or a female, usually it goes like this, males have more thin hips and females have wider hips.
Look at the picture below, can you tell if that’s a male or a female??

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Not sure what species of skink, but either way, I don’t think I am experienced enough to tell. Hip size seems more masculine, but the dull colours make me also think it’s a female at the same time. One way to tell is by looking at where the anus is. Males appear more swollen in that area. My guess would be female I think due to the lack of colour, but as I am no expert, take my guess with a grain of salt. Somone else may be able to give you a better, more educated response.

Is it a wild catch? Or did you buy it as a pet? In any case, it would be helpful to know the species, since different species may have different telltale signs for gender determination.

As for wider hips and swollen anus area: those can be helpful traits provided you have comparison material (fotos, other specimen or “simply” knowledge of the species). AND it has to be an adult for those traits to be visible. Bear in mind that it might be a juvenile. In that case it would not be easy to tell the females from the males.

Rather than hips,i think we can differentiate it with the colour. But then colour depends on the skink species. Other than colour we can also differentiate by the size of the skink,usually females are larger than the males i suppose. Also check the sizes of their heads,because if the size of the head is bigger then its a male else its a female.

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