Is ths an NZ gecko ? if so whats its name


Welcome to the forum @Paddy, what a way to make an entry, this gecko is absolutely gorgeous.

Hi Paddy and welcome to the forum. Heads up that this forum is for discussing iNaturalist, requesting new features, reporting bugs, etc., not actually identifying organisms. What you’re looking for is iNaturalist itself:

Sign up for an account there, upload your pics with date and location, and hopefully someone will ID them for you :)


Please be aware that the forum is not for asking ID’s. This is what the main website is for, so go ahead and make an observation of this lizard over there if you wish to do so.

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Welcome! A couple of things.

Firstly, if this photo is of a gecko you have observed (rather than a photo from a friend, magazine, or off the internet etc), I believe IDs are supposed to be done on the website, not the forum.

Secondly, if this is an observation, I would like to see the observation to learn whether it was captive, location and date of observation, and other people’s IDs. It indeed looks very like an NZ species endangered due to illegal captures, and sometimes illegal overseas sale.

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