How to translate leipoa/Malleefowl to Spanish?

I wonder what would be a good translation or name in Spanish for Malleefowl?
Apparently these are like pheasants, but that is not fair enough, anyone have a good idea on how to name them in Spanish?
I’ve heard talégalo leipoa, but doesnt convice me, maybe “gallineta del mali” or even megapodo leipoa could be more correct?
this info will be used in a zine of these birds (once ready, I could post the link here)

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Faisán australiano is the one that sounds better, but it is not a bird we usually talk about in Spain


Spanish Wikipedia calls them “El talégalo leipoa,​ faisán australiano o megápodo ocelado.” I am not a native Spanish speaker, but it seems like faisán australiano gets the idea across quite well, although they aren’t truly pheasants.


megápodo ocelado part from Wiki fits the best, it is from Megapodiidae and it is called ocellated in many languages.


Talégalo leipoa, multilangual version


@ diegoalmendras

I think that for the exchange of data is it not smart to invent new names but just use the existing names. If you want to add names in iNaturalist in the notes is stated that inventing new names is not appreciated.

Intenta añadir nombres que sean utilizados en algún lugar. No inventes nombres nuevos, a menos que la especie no tenga otro nombre. Para más información visita Nombres comunes


Please do not equate them to pheasants. They are megapodes - an entirely different group and to conflate the two is just bad biology. There are many megapode species and there must be a Spanish collective name for the group to use. I’m sure there’s no translation of “mallee” (a distinct arid adapted type of Eucalyptus woodland) and to substitute “mali” would be meaningless at best. I’m not a Spanish speaker but, as an English speaker, megápodo ocelado seems the most intuitive - I’d work out what that was easily enough if I encountered it in a Spanish text.

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So, the mallefowl zine is READY!! Ta-dá!!! By ZINERD

Click here for the PDF in English

Y click acá para su versión en Español


That looks cool!
Apologies for not getting this earlier, but Avibase has translations for bird names as well:
I like the Dutch and German names…

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