How to unmark "casual" from an observation

I don’t know why the following observation is marked as “casual” or how to unmark it.

I see I have a number of entries marked casual that should not be so. With some of these, I know that the photograph wasn’t uploaded at first and I only added it later. How can I fix the entry so it is not “casual” anymore?

That one is casual because it looks like you accidentally labeled it as captive. You can fix this under the DQA by removing your downvote


Okay, thanks. I couldn’t see where it said that it was captive, but I found where to change it by going to “edit”. Oh, wait, now I see I just had to scroll to the very bottom.

This one was a different scenario:

I now see that someone else had downvoted the “evidence of organism” in that same grouping in the bottom, back before I had added the photo. And by upvoting that myself, it appears to have fixed the issue.


Since we don’t get notified if DQA, or the circumstances triggering our using DQA - change.
I leave a comment. That way I get notified and can correct my DQA when it becomes a barrier.