How to Use iNaturalist API

I am trying to create a query to find newly identified taxa in a two county location if Texas. I found the iNaturalist API page and a query that should return the info (/identifications/recent_taxa) but I don’t know how to use it. I’m not a programmer so it’s a little technical for me. I could not discover the the Place ID for Jasper and Newton Counties, Texas, and I’m not sure how to fill out some of the sections of code. Is there a tutorial for this?

Place id is the name in the url when you open the place page, but if you have a project for them you can also use an easier search

I thought this one is using the API but I do not see a refer to some code… Maybe you can find an answer in the code for the apps…

I copied that url, replacing “name” with the name of a project I have for Jasper and Newton Counties, but it didn’t work. Did I do something wrong? I tried https://kildor.longleaf-ridge-texas-master-naturalists/inat/new-species. Thanks.

No, the link you changed you need to open it, but for some reason now it shows errors when I try it, was working a week before, weird.
So, to your start question, finding place id is easy, open explore and in filters (not in general place search) choose the place, in the url it will be “place_id=562” for Jasper, TX and “place_id=929” for Newton, TX.

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