How to use iNaturalist's Search URLs - wiki part 1 of 2

Thank you very much for that cmcheatle. As you accurately assessed I am not IT oriented, so I was hoping there would be a collation of the example parameters given in the thread, as I have trouble re-locating them. I suppose I could put them in a sticky on my desktop as I find them.

However I will look at that page and see how far I get. I really appreciate your spelling out how to use it. I will put that in a sticky right now.

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Also suggest you bookmark searches that you use often. A search I use often is for Lepidoptera excluding the butterflies, for all three quality grades for a particular locality. I have this saved as a bookmark. One click instead of trying to find all the ids and parameters again.

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Can the identification view,, be sorted by date, or by user, or can it be restricted by location?

Gosh, I never use that view! But, yes, you can add all the parameters to the URL. And there are some suggestions for filters on the right-hand side of that page.

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I dont believe any of this is possible, the only parameters the search accepts are the 5 listed at the bottom right of the page.

By user, but not date or location.

There’s an open request to add more search filters and a user interface to that page:

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That’s not a sort though, it is a filter.

Ah, I see what you mean. To me filtering is one way of sorting through records. But no, I don’t believe there isn’t a way to order the observations on that page from oldest to newest, or list in alphabetical order by username. It appears you can use the API to order by date created or ID.


Thanks, I voted.


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What I was looking for was , eg, a Coprosma observation of mine, with a comment by a particular member.

I am sure that what I am looking for is staring me right in the face on the iNaturalist API documentation that has been mentioned in the Wiki but I am not completely sure of how to navigate the information.

I would like to know how to search for observations that result in two or more conflicting identification. For instance, I think it would be helpful to search for observations with suggested IDs of:

  • Slime Moulds vs Fungi = 47684-Myxomycetes and 47170-Fungi
  • Red Algae vs Brown Algae = 57774-Rhodophyta and 48220-Phaeophyceae
  • Potyviridae vs Rust = 322788-Potyviridae and 69968-Pucciniales

Not perfect, but here are some options:


This doesn’t seem to work in the observation page.
I don’t use the identify page as I would like to add sex annotation to all observations, even if they have been id’ed.

This is the URL I use that still show observation with sex annotation

Sorry, I’m not fully understanding the issue. Why not also show Research Grade observations on Identify?

You would also need to check for Any Reviewed to include for all obs whether reviewed or not (on the Identify page). What you want to do is not possible on the observation page.

Yes that works. I just noticed the Advanced filter for the Identift page now include Annotation.

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Is there a filter to show observations not by a user id ?

Is this what you had in mind?