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I didn’t see this specifically addressed and maybe this should be a feature request but I thought I’d check here first. I know @bouteloua addressed this in the previous thread,, indicating that by clicking on the Observation Field you can search, but I was wondering why the Observation Fields aren’t included in the filters all the time. It kinda necessitates finding an observation with that field result to search by it.

I was interested in the Observation Field result, “Yellow Ratsnake - Pantherophis alleghaniensis quadrivittata=formerly known as”. Once I found one I was able to search others and, in the filters, it now showed a searched Observation Field,

so I was just wondering why isn’t this an option all the time?

I know there is the iNaturalist API, but that is a little daunting (at least for me) and you have to go to to an additional site. If it were just in the filter, it would be ever so much easier.

There’s an open feature request here:

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Thanks @bouteloua!

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