How to use iNaturalist's Search URLs - wiki - part 2 of 2

Good evening,
I’m trying to search for observations that don’t have a stage annotation (to fill in the missing annotations and thus improve the phenological graphs).
I’ve tried this : &without_term_id=1, but it doesn’t seem to work (exemple).
Could you help me?

I use the Identify link for that and change the filters. Click on “More Filters” and choose Without Annotation. You may have to limit to the group of organisms that the annotation is available for to avoid e.g. getting a bunch of plants and fungi when filtering for missing life stage.


Thank you very much @annkatrinrose !
I hadn’t noticed that the filters were different in the “identify” module.

Could the wiki be edited to reflect the recent change in &without_field=? - not sure of the status of &without_field_id=



also updated


am I correct in saying there’s no possible way to search for observation licenses?

EDIT: it would help if I actually read the text I quoted…

  • The license and licensed API parameters (for observation level licenses) are not currently supported in URLs.

I guess this raises the question; why doesn’t this parameter work?

I know it shows up individually in the observation but is there a way to search Added by in fields. For instance. I would like to know how many bees (taxon_id=630955) I have added field Name of Associated Plant (7807).

Sorry if this has already been asked but I could not find it.